How Can Chiropractic Help you?

Think of the your body like the wiring of a house… 

The Brain is your Breaker Box

Sending the signals through your vertebrae

To all the nerve ending in your entire body

We will call these nerve endings your receptacles

Like the receptacles in your house, your body’s receptacles would be considered:

Your skin

Your muscles

Your joints

Your organs

Your glands

If a vertebrae falls out of alignment

We call this SUBLUXATION!

You have a power interference

Your Receptacles get LESS response…

And What becomes of a less responsive body part…SYMPTOMS!!!

When we correct that interference(a vertebral subluxation) with a Chiropractic Adjustment

Your body corrects the SYMPTOMS!!!

This gives relief from the common joint pain to your more complex dysfunctions such as migraines, sinus problems, trouble breathing, digestive problems, and the list continues.

Consider Chiropractic and making sure your Power is work at its best! 


Dr. WaggonerHow Can Chiropractic Help you?