“Good chiropractic care has helped me recover from auto accidents, mountain bike crashes, and most recently from shoulder surgery. Doc Waggoner has helped me reduce the pain and stiffness of those old injuries and restore my mobility. At the age of 52, I’m rock climbing on a regular basis as a recreational activity and even managing to keep up with guys much younger than me.”Jody Jacobs
“Thanks to Dr. Waggoner my lower back and right shoulder are feeling so much better. I have never had such a complete adjustment, he even helped my knee which had been bothering me for several years. Thanks, Doc!”Betsie Poinsett, Clinical Hypnotherapist
“My first visit to Dr. Waggoner’s was for tendonitis in both elbows. I discovered he has the keen ability to target specific areas that cause pain. Several visits later the tendonitis was gone. I choose to continue chiropractic care for my overall health and well-being. After an adjustment with Dr. Waggoner, my entire body feels balanced.”Fred Henson
“A year ago, I developed a skin condition which made me have continuous itching. After Dr. Waggoner made adjustments to my spine, the itching went away. Thanks Dr. Waggoner – you’re the best!”Nikolai Peek
“Advanced Healthcare has helped me with my asthma and my chronic neck, back, and hip problems. I feel younger and I’m healthier.Laura Franklin
“Not only has Advanced Healthcare helped me with some injuries, but I have more energy and am enjoying improved overall health.Shelley Franklin
“Dr. Waggoner helped me remember what it is like to not have back pain all the time, I had never been to a chiropractor before Dr. Waggoner and I must admit I was nervous. I now know their was no reason to be. I had been working behind a desk for twelve years. I had just excepted that I was going to be stiff and have chronic back pain my whole life, but then I meant Dr. Waggoner at a business networking meeting and decided to get adjusted after just a short talk with him. I now go regularly to keep my adjustments up. Getting adjusted was one of the best things to ever happen to me!Jason Gardner
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