Injuries and Symptoms

We continue to see advertisements on TV and in print that tell patients to go for a pill to help their mechanical neck pain or whiplash. Rarely are options such as conservative chiropractic care discussed. Most patients who get whiplash injuries follow the medical approach of drugs and sometimes even surgery.

Perhaps you may want to consider a mechanical approach for a mechanical problem such as whiplash. Or maybe you’ve had some doubts about consuming many medications over several months or even years. When consumed over long periods of time, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs known as NSAIDs in particular can lead to stomach bleeding and other complications such as liver and kidney problems. Although an ad on television may state that, “simple blood tests are needed to check for liver problems,” liver problems such as liver failure, are anything but simple.

And of course just simply blocking pain signals is unlikely to get at the cause of your pain, which is usually a sprain of the small joints of the spine.

We understand this and offer a more natural solution for assisting patients who have suffered a whiplash injury.

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Dr. WaggonerInjuries and Symptoms